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Does Tuscan Cuisine Really Exist?

Ok so basically everyone knows what Italian Food is…Pasta…Pasta…and Pasta. Just kidding!

Ok so, is there a difference between Tuscan cuisine and Italian cuisine? Let explore this a bit further.

Tuscan food is generally based on the Italian idea of preparing simple, inexpensive meals that can feed a large number of people. Tuscan cooking is not a style that relies on fancy, exotic seasonings or almost extinct, rare foods. It is made using fresh, high-quality ingredients that showcase the natural flavors in each dish.

Tuscany located in the Italian countryside makes it the perfect source for locally grown produce such as beans along with a variety of available meats. These foods serve as the base ingredients for many traditional Tuscan dishes. The Tuscan way of eating and preparing foods is not just in the technique it is a way of living!

Whether foraging for truffles or mushrooms, taking in the grape harvest, or sampling a genuine bottle of Tuscan olive oil, here local and homegrown is a lifestyle!

Ever hear the term Cucina Povera?

Cucina Povera, which means poor cooking, is the true basis of Tuscan cuisine. Starting when Tuscany was a very impoverished, rural region of Italy, it had very limited ingredients. This forced Tuscans to get very creative in the kitchen, embracing a “use everything” type of cooking mentality. This is where the magic happens, in the Italian cook’s ability to take the simplest of available ingredients and transform them into simple, incredibly flavorful dishes.

One of our Favorites!

Ribollita or Tuscan Bean Soup is really one great, easy-to-prepare dish! It’s a soup that truly exemplifies the simple, basic style of so many traditional Tuscan dishes. This soup is very similar to a traditional minestrone, except it uses beans instead of pasta. This classic Tuscan soup that’s made with white beans, vegetables, and crusty day-old bread. Sprinkle in a couple of herbs and a little Parmesan cheese and let yourself be transported into the romantic Tuscan countryside!